“Absolutely Invaluable” …”Dramatic personal growth”…”Life-changing impact” are just a few ways people have described our Leader’s Challenge Workshop.

If you’re ready to experience an incredibly motivational and uplifting workshop, PML’s Leader’s Challenge will deliver an experience your managerial team will never forget.

PML’s Leader’s Challenge Workshop is a unique, honest and authentic training program that transforms ordinary managers into exceptional leaders. The training is tough, real and highly effective in helping managers learn about themselves, how they react in tough leadership situations, and ultimately what kind of leader they are.

“Authentic and Totally Amazing!”

Through the use of an intense, interactive participant-based exercise, PML’s Leader’s Challenge helps managers and supervisors to become more sensitive to the needs and concerns of their employees.

We use an “experiential” life-altering training approach based on “doing,” rather than seeing and hearing … and we address counter-productive managerial behaviors that transform the very philosophies and beliefs your management team has.

Prepare for the Unexpected!

Based on our highly effective “secret success” formula, your managers and supervisors will become better communicators,  better listeners, and more understanding and empathetic when dealing with employee  issues.

Participants learn key strategies to build trust and nurture loyalty. They learn advanced problem solving skills, and powerful ways to improve management/employee relationships based on respect, empathy and dignity.

Your managers will develop a better understanding of employee needs and behavior … learn to be more sensitive to employee concerns … and empower employees that feel a lack of control.

Improved Leader to Employee Relations, Include:

  • Heightened productivity and task ownership
  • A highly motivated work environment
  • Enhanced work ethic and boosted moral
  • Fair and consistent treatment of a diverse workforce
  • A decrease in internal conflict and third party intervention
  • Stronger relationships and better communication skills

It’s such a powerful program that every thought and reaction your managers have had will forever change.

Creating a work environment that’s a remarkable place to be.

PML Leader’s Challenge changes behavior, like no other leadership development tool. But the goal of PML Leader’s Challenge is not just to change your leadership behavior, it’s to change your whole thought process in regard to the role the leader plays in the organization. Lessons are designed to improve a manager’s listening and communication skills, and help them take a fair and focused approach when dealing with employee relations issues in the workplace.

Over the course of two and a half days, your managers will discover more about themselves than they could ever imagine.  This program reveals a person’s strengths and weaknesses, and examines exactly how your most valuable assets will react in various employment situations.

For over 40 years, PML’s Leader’s Challenge has been viewed as one of the best training curriculums that union and non-union organizations could receive.

Although we stop short of selling Leader’s Challenge as a “union avoidance” workshop, the skills and lessons we teach are invaluable in developing your management team into leaders that your employees will follow.  A company with a committed and engaged workforce has no interest in union activity.

For over 40 years, PML’s Leader’s Challenge has been viewed as one of the best training curriculums that union and non-union organizations could receive.

We look forward to providing you with top-notch customer service paired with the best leadership training available today!