For the Safety, Health, and Comfort of our participants, our protocols will be aligned to the local government’s requirements for the safety and protection established to fight against COVID-19. As these protocols change, we will update our operations.


Before beginning each program session, will use a non-contact thermometer to check each participant’s temperature before entering the workshop.

Any participants who are sick or experiencing any symptoms will not be allowed to participate and should contact their healthcare provider as outlined by the WHO or CDC guidelines.


  • Our trainers will wash and sanitize hands before and after workshop sessions and between group activities.
  • In locations where masks are recommended to be worn, masks will be provided.
  • We (and/or our venue staff) will clean our tables, chairs, and work surfaces before meetings, during breaks, and after workshop sessions.
  • We ask all participants to use the same chair during the entire workshop.
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfecting surface wipes will be made available for participants.

Physical Distancing:

  • Some governments may dictate the limit of people in each training room. If this is not the case, the maximum number of people will be determined by the space needed for all participants and local distancing guidelines will be followed.
  • Trainers will always maintain the required distance from participants, following local guidelines.
  • When distancing cannot be maintained due to the nature of the training activity, the training staff and participants will obey appropriate mask requirements.