Need Training & Consulting Help?

PML Leader’s Challenge is not an endpoint…It’s the 1st step to a stronger more successful management team.

PML Programs offers a complete line of training and consulting services through our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants, trainers and Human Resource professionals. We have many semi-custom solutions ready to assist your organization on a moment’s notice. Our team also has the expertise to develop all types of custom programs quickly … and at a price that works with your budget!

From basic management/supervisory training to executive coaching, we have the expertise you need.

Consulting Services provided:

  • Facilitating Team Building Initiatives for Your Leadership and Management Teams
  • 360 Assessments of the Performance of: a Team, the Team Leader & the Team Members
  • Assessments of Team Members’ Personality Styles and their Team’s Dynamics
  • Conducting Leadership & Managerial Skills Assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development: Creating a Plan to Address a Team’s Most Critical Performance Issues
  • Facilitating a Process to Measure and Enhance both Employee Engagement and Performance

Walk the Talk:

A half-day training program that offers an aspiring call to action with a motivating and focused message. It helps team members understand that living according to our “guiding principles,” and those of the organizations for which we work, is the key to personal and professional success – one that requires conscious effort, persistence, some courage, a good-size helping of commitment, and a ton of self-discipline. Walk the Talk is designed to encourage everyone in your organization to reach new levels of values-driven behavior and performance.

Other Training Programs provided:

  • ‘Effective Interviewing & Selection: Getting the Right Talent on Your Team’
  • ‘Performance Management and Your Role as a Coach’
  • ‘Enhancing Your Managerial Skills: Accomplishing Significant Results through Others’
  • ‘Effective Communication: an Essential Business Competency’
  • ‘Techniques for Becoming a Strategic Leader’
  • ‘Twelve Practical Steps for Enhancing both Employee Engagement and Performance’
  • ‘Making the Transition as a New Supervisor’
  • ‘Managing Change within Your Organization’
  • ‘Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Managers’

Clients: Dannon, GE Capital, Marriott, Cracker Barrel

Clarifying Your Business Strategy

Consulting Services provided:

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Events
  • Establishing Succession Plans
  • Installing Business Performance Metrics

Clients: Freddie Mac, Weyerhaeuser, American Management Association, Brink’s

Positioning Your HR Processes as a Strategic Advantage

Consulting Services provided:

  • Executive Search
  • Conducting HR Function Audits
  • Enhancing Your Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection Process
  • Installing Performance Management Programs including the Desired Competencies, the Performance Appraisal
  • Process and Ongoing Coaching
  • Facilitating Employee Opinion/Climate Surveys and Focus Groups
  • Conducting Training Needs Assessments
  • Installing HR Metrics
  • Outplacement Coaching and Career Transition

Training Programs provided:

  • ‘Talent Management: Matching Your Talent Supply with Your Organization’s Demand’
  • ‘The Fundamentals of HR Management’
  • ‘The Strategic Role of H.R.’
  • ‘Implementing HR Metrics to Gauge H.R.’s Performance’
  • ‘How to Conduct a Training Needs Assessment’
  • ‘Training Trainers to Train’
  • ‘Enhancing Internal Service from Your HR Department’

Clients: Time Magazine, Michelin, Ryder Trucks, Sun Trust

Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Consulting Services provided:

  • Conducting Quality Service Audits
  • Installing Processes to Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Facilitating Customer Advisory Councils
  • Developing Standards of Performance and Scripts for Key Customer Touch Points
  • Utilizing Your HR Processes to Enhance Employees’ Customer-Centric Competencies

Training Programs provided:

  • ‘Customer Satisfaction: Your Responsibility and Opportunity on the Frontline’
  • ‘Customer Satisfaction Recovery: Taking Advantage of Your 2nd Opportunities’
  • ‘Internal Service and Teamwork: Helping Your Colleagues Satisfy Your External Customers’
  • ‘Effectively Leading a Service Team: Closing the Service Gap between Your Customers’ Expectations and
    their Perceptions’
  • ‘Creating a Customer-Centric Organization’

Clients: State Farm, Chrysler, Exxon, Seagram

Outplacement and Career Transition

Should you be considering downsizing, PML can assist your organization and your out placed employees with a Six Step Outplacement & Career Transition Program tailored specifically to your needs. The program can be delivered one-on-one or to groups of executives, managers and/or frontline employees.

  • The PML Six Step Outplacement & Career Transition Program assists out placed employee[s] in:
    Overcoming the negative psychological aspects of conducting a job search – dealing with the stress, maintaining a positive perspective/attitude, etc.
  • Utilizing self assessment instruments to gauge their career interests and competencies
  • Creating a professional resume that will be read and will maximize their chances of obtaining interviews
  • Developing individual job search strategies to be used when they network, respond to ads, access recruiters/employment agencies and contact companies directly
  • Utilizing the internet to research directories, companies, job posting sites, etc.
  • Preparing for and properly responding to five types of questions frequently asked during employment interviews